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Galaxy S6 would have a non-swipe fingerprint sensor

Samsung-Logo_3There was a time where you used to go for work and punch in your thumb into a fingerprint sensor to show that you are in the office and punch out too. The days of fingerprint sensors are become really strong since the iPhone 5S has decked one on the Home button. Finally, the use of fingerprint sensors have gained popularity on smartphones even though the experience is not yet perfect. Samsung used the swipe type of sensor where you had to swipe your thumb or any finger over the Home button which was not easy to do while holding a 5 inch device.

According to the insiders, there is news that Samsung will be moving to a kind of sensor where your fingerprint will be read from a steady position means that a user will not have to swipe anymore. You will have to just place your finger at any angle and hold it for a two or three seconds. It sort of the same way how a user does it on an iPhone or the Ascend Mate 7.

In order to accommodate the new sensor, Samsung has made the Home key on the Galaxy S6 bigger. There is no information whether the sensor will work if the screen is off. We hope the company has something in store for all of us. TouchWiz, Private Mode, Pay with PayPal and Samsung Sign-In will be offered with the sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is supposed to be integrated with an all news TouchWiz software which would be out in two versions such as Regular and Edge. The Regular one will pack a QHD screen while the Edge one will be a bit above that. We presume that the Galaxy S6 would be running Android 5.0 Lollipop out-of-the-box.


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