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WhatsApp Messenger now has over 700 million users

Voice Calling Feature WhatsAppPopular mobile messaging service, which is shortly known as WhatsApp now has over 700 million monthly active users. The company had reported a figure of 600 million four months ago.

This announcement was made by Jan Koum (Co-Founder and CEO) on Facebook where he also said that WhatsApp users are now sending more than 30 billion messages per day.

We have been keeping an eye on social app reports for approximately a year and would say that WhatsApp Messenger would be the highest used app on a daily basis.

Jan Koum also said the company is grateful to see that so many are using WhatsApp to stay in touch with family and friends, colleagues and classmates. Ever since the app was bought by Facebook in 2014 at $19 billion, there has been an increase of 200 million new users.

This news came in nearly a month after Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and stated that approximately 300 million people use the photo-sharing app. In recent news, WhatsApp could be having “Call via Skype” and “Driving Mode”.

Earlier to that, we were expecting the company to launch voice calling for WhatsApp Messenger. If you feel that WhatsApp or Instagram is missing some feature, be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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