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Moto G Google Play Edition is discontinued

We have just received information from source that the Moto G (1st Generation) that was available on the Google Play Store in Google Play Edition form is no longer being sold. Last year shortly after the standard version of the Moto G was launched, the Google Play Edition was launched even though there were not many differences in terms of features and software.

Moto G Google Play Edition (8GB)

The Moto G (1st Generation) was not being sold for a very long time as the company updated it will the Moto G (2nd Generation) in 2014. We did not expect this to happen as the Moto G is a premium device that is liked by so many who are using it even till today. Since the company added the Moto G (2nd Generation) it would be fair enough to remove it from the Play Store if they are not getting any sales. So now, the Moto G joins the other Google Play Edition devices that have been discontinued in 2014. We are not happy to get to know about this and some of you are still wondering whether there was any other reason behind the discontinuation. We would like to know what you think !

[alert-note]The HTC One M8 is the only Google Play Edition device which has not been discontinued.[/alert-note]


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