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ZTE Nubia Z9

ZTE Nubia Z9 images confirm extremely slim bezels

Since CES is going on in Las Vegas, ZTE is working on showcasing devices as well as leaking various products that people are waiting to see. Just before CES, ZTE revised their company logo and company policy. Earlier today, the company made the Grand X Max+ is exclusive to Cricket US. We just caught on some more leaked images of the Nubia Z9 from source and this is not the first time we have shown leaked images.

ZTE Nubia Z9ZTE Nubia Z9

Last time we were working on getting some technical specifications of the device and we are sad to say that we did not manage this time too. After looking at the leaked images, you will be able to see some of the looks as well as the extremely slim bezels.

The front of the ZTE Nubia Z9 is all about the display screen and thin bezels. As per the reflections screen in the front, we can say that it is something sort of the Galaxy Note 4 style. As more can be seen from the images, the power button is on the top right which makes it difficult to unlock the device with two hands. We would like if the company integrates a double -tap to wake the device like the LG G Flex. Since nothing in terms of features is set to stone there will be a lot of surprises very soon from the company. ZTE is running into some technical difficulties which could delay the manufacturing of the device.

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