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Sairaj Bhomkar - HP 7 Plus Tablet Winner 2014

[Winner] HP 7 Plus Tablet Giveaway

Sairaj Bhomkar - HP 7 Plus Tablet Winner 2014

We thank everyone for participating in this Christmas-New Year Giveaway and we are glad to see the response. Apart from just response, we are overwhelmed to see the love and care of all our fans out there. You deserve a huge applause and we promise not to let you down ever. We will be hosting more giveaways and expect you to take part in the future too. There is always one winner, so we have to declare the lucky one. The lucky winner who has been to our office down in Goa has received the HP 7 Plus Tablet because we personally like the really from him via e-mail. He personally believes that there is a lot of Android News in Goa, Android News in Bangalore and Android News In Mumbai. He has been staying tuned to us as well as other blogs to get to know the latest about Android every now and then.

Do stay tuned to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube for more contests, Android news and especially giveaways like this. Once again, we congratulate Mr.Sairaj Bhomkar. We thank Mr.Sairaj Bhomkar for spending a wonderful day with us at our office. He shared with us some fun facts as well as disappointing things about Android. He loves Android even now as he knows and believes that the operating system has the potential to change the world even though it is open-source. Have a Happy New Year !!

It is not over as is still going on for the second consecutive year. There will be more to come as long as you stay tuned for more serious news as well as freebies. Love you all !!

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