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Abigail Quadros

Abigail Quadros

Abigail QuadrosWe present one beautiful and intelligent young girl residing in Goa, India who loves a little bit of technology and has just switched over from the Nokia C3-00 to Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Ms.Abigail Quadros is a budding teen who loves music and enjoys singing tunes from her smartphone when she is not busy turning the pages of her book. We are glad to have her over at as she has shared a lot that would help new Android users to have a better experience with Android.

Abigail Quadros says;

Although I have heard many bad reviews about this smartphone on Flipkart, I am very happy with the purchase. I have been using the Redmi 1S for almost two months and I am truly happy with the build quality, user interface and applications present on the phone. Xiaomi has done a very good thing by making the device Android based because there are so many applications that I can download from the Google Play Store. I have heard that Xiaomi is in some kind of trouble at the High Court because of some patent issues and they are allowed to sell their smartphones in India only till 8th January 2015. I used to use the Nokia C3-00 which is not an Android Smartphone, but since I have started using the Redmi 1S I have not looked back. I personally feel that the Secondary Camera of the 1S is fantastic and can be compared with the iPhone camera. Something that shocked me is the HTC RE which is available in India. If I would increase my budget to Rs.50,000/-, I would definitely purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the Nexus 6.


[quote cite=”Ms.Abigail Quadros”]It was overwhelming for me to know that there is an Android community spread across India that features people where each one can share their experience about Android and the current smartphone that they use. is going to reach far and you’ll are doing a great job. I am waiting to watch videos on YouTube from AndroGuru soon. All the best !![/quote]

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