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Traffline - Traffic Road Alerts

Traffline : Traffic Road Alerts

Traffline - Traffic Road AlertsToday we introduce a new app with a lot of potential developed by Birds Eye Systems that is available for download at no cost called “Traffic Road Alerts : Traffline” on the Google Play Store that is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.1 and above as per the testing we have carried out over few days. Traffline has been featured on various esteemed publications that include The Economic Times, Mid Day, The Times of India and Mumbai Mirror among many others.

Traffline is like a live community of users who discuss via the app about road and traffic issues in and around your city to improve your daily commute. With Traffline, you would be able to save time by reading what other commuters have to say about the roads you travel on. For example, if you are heading to work by a route that you use daily and there is an accident spotted by someone who also travels on the same route, the user can click a photo and upload it in the location where the traffic has increased due to the accident. Once you view the issue, you can save time and use another route to get to office on time. As of now Traffline is available for cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Mumbai. Birds Eye Systems are working on rolling out the service to other cities in the future app updates shortly. In case you do not like to use Google Maps on your device, you could just head over to the Google Play Store and use Traffline today as you will get real-time reporting about issues on roads as well as a highly sophisticated map that would cater to your needs. Traffic Road Alerts : Traffline has been checked and endorsed by the Bangalore Traffic Police, Pune Traffic Police, Mumbai Traffic Police and Thane Traffic Police for reliability and accuracy.

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Key Features of Traffic Road Alerts – Traffline : 

  • Real time traffic on a full feature map can be viewed.
  • Push notifications for major traffic news can be activated.
  • Search travel times based on real time traffic information.
  • Updates and relevant news can be shared with family and friends.
  • Favorite locations and routes can be saved for future use and easy access.
  • Commuters can be interacted with by replying or appreciating their update.
  • Words, emoticons and photos can be used to report accidents, traffic jams and various other issues.
  • News feed can be instantly browsed to read the latest road and traffic news reported by various commuters.

We will be working on a full Android app review of Traffline very soon and would advise you to stay tuned for more of Android News in India, Android News in UK and Android News in Canada. Also, we hope you remember that there will be a giveaway this Christmas !!

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