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Xiaomi Mi4 vs One Plus One

Xiaomi Mi4 vs One Plus One

Xiaomi Mi4 vs One Plus OneThe two most famous Chinese manufacturers, Xiaomi and OnePlus promise to give high-end specs in low cost price. Both these devices use premium features like great screen, amazing processor and quality camera with incredible software. Both of these companies are giving what we have now regarded as flagship smartphones. Other than these, you can count on Samsung Galaxy 5 as a flagship device.

Xiaomi have been since 2010 making themselves as a value smartphone that launched Mi1 and Redmi smartphones that came to be as a combination of hardware with great UI experience. While, OnePlus One smartphone has also been a major player in the Chinese smartphone market that came to be as a powerful device competing the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2. Before making a buying decision, you should know these devices better.

Design and Build

Xiaomi and One Plus One are doing well in terms of both design and build. OnePlus One features a unique finish on its back and its white version comes with a coating that gives it an incredible touch. It feels great in hand.

Likewise, Xiaomi is an extraordinary device with the chassis carved from one piece of aluminium supported by a metal frame that reminds you of iPhone.


The Mi4 and OnePlus One have both been performance leaders in terms of processing space as it is in form of Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. You can now now have 3GB of RAM on both devices and Snapdragon 801 gives you the best mobile experience in the performance segment.

These top-tier smartphones from China are different kind of machines. With 3GB RAM you are now ensured with smooth multi-tasking.

Battery Life

Xiaomi Mi4 and OnePlus One have almost the same battery with 3800mAh and 3100mAh battery respectively. Well, mostly the battery is in favour of OnePlus. The display is also similar with 1080p IPS LCD panel that gives great angle views with amazing colour production.

One Plus One has less saturated panel that gives an edge in color and image accuracy. One Plus One has excelled in many tests where Wi-Fi was turned on and with full brightness. After one hour OnePlus One was found with 90% of battery and Mi4 was left with 87% of battery.


After using smartphones like Sony Xperia Z2, LG G3 and Lumia 930 users are really disappointed by their 13MP cameras, as they are not living up to the users expectations. Both devices, Xiaomi and OnePlus One use Sony Exmor IMX214 13 MP sensor camera in result producing crystal clear images.

It seems Xiaomi to have better HDR while the One Plus One gives sharper pictures. OnePlus One also seems to have better equalizer and sound hardware that produces better sound when listening to audio through headset.

Operating System

The Chinese manufacturing industry has took a different approach to Android UI, while most handsets run on basic operating system. Both Mi 4 has MIUI and OnePlus One comes with CyanogenMod 11S, both having great UI’s that has amazing customization options with ample collection of apps.

The 11S version of Cyanogen Mod is touch sensitive when it is about gesture control. While MIUI has been known most in 2014 when Xiaomi Mi3 made its presence in the market.


The pricing of these smartphones compel us to refer as ‘Flagship Killers’ as they are very budget -friendly. OnePlus One with 16GB and 64GB is available for Rs.21,999/- and Xiaomi Mi4 with 16GB is available for Rs.19,499/- and 64GB for Rs.24,499/-.

So, Xiaomi is a little costlier than OnePlus One. Though, these devices are aggressively priced but they are worth for your money.

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