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Next Lock Screen for Android gets updated

Next Lock ScreenPeople across the globe are trying to exercise the best security on their mobile phones and even tablets with various applications and softwares. Security is very important with all the intrusions, loss of data and even cyber threats. We conducted a survey almost a month ago with numerous Android users and they have said that their favorite security Android apps are App Lock and Next Lock Screen. We just got news from source that Microsoft has been tinkering with various Android applications of late. A smart, location-aware lockscreen that fetches relevant information from various user apps and places it right beside notifications for easy access called Next Lock Screen by Microsoft has been updated with tweaks and security enhancements.

Next Lock Screen has become better with a visual redesign that offers a lot of freedom for customization. The system status bar can now be switched off if you do not find it useful on your lockscreen and use that space for something that you would want. In this new updated version, the home wallpaper can be cloned on the lock screen.

There are still some gaping holes which people have suggested and reported on the Play Store in the Reviews section and we are sure that the company will suss out the issues and improve the app with due time. If you love and enjoy the new experience with Next Lock Screen, do let us know what you liked in the comments below.

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