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Prajoth Govekar

Prajoth Govekar

Prajoth GovekarGracing our office today is Mr.Prajoth Govekar from Goa, India with his immense knowledge about the Android platform because of the usage of various devices over five to six years. Behind the ever glowing and smiling face is a smart and witty individual who lives life simple and thinks high. He is also one of the very well known people is his society. Apart from loving all things that have a screen or keypad, Prajoth is self employed and in his free time you would see him either playing football or tinkering with his smartphone.

Mr.Prajoth Govekar says;

I have been using mobiles for a long time and have switched devices at least once in a year which makes me learn as well as share my knowledge about various smartphones with my fellow mates. I was glad to know that was featuring people and called me over for my take about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which I currently sport. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is loved by many and disliked by some because of the price or maybe the screen size. It is an excellent device to use because of the stability and overall user experience. I used to use a small mobile earlier and used to get tried by the end of the day to work things out on the small screen. Ever since I started using the Galaxy Note 2, things have changed and I have never turned back. If I plan on purchasing another device soon, I would surely head for the Galaxy Note 4. Multi-tasking is something that I love and when I am on the move, that’s all I want. I agree that the Galaxy Note 4 is a bit pricy, but it’s worth investing in. About all other things happening in the Android world, I was sad about the OnePlus and CyanogenMod deal.


[quote cite=”Mr.Prajoth Govekar”]I would definitely like to extend my best wishes to for doing such a good job. Reaching out our views to the world is really nice. Thank you and I have always been reading news of Android apps, smartphones and tablets since the launch of this prestigious Android community. Love your work !![/quote]

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