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LG appoints new mobile head in annual reshuffle

LG Electronics has appointed a new boss for their mobile division just now. Juno Cho will be taking over the position from Park Jong Seok who has been facing health issues. Park Jong Seok will be assisting out the LG mobile division as and when he can.

Juno Cho will be in charge of leading a strategic expansion in global markets. LG regained profitability with a 16.3% market share in North America during Q3 2014. The market share would have increased to such an level because f the huge success of the LG G3 that was launched sometime earlier this year only. Now, this sets a pure record for LG having almost double market shares than 2013. The company also announced their highest operation profits since 2010 which sits cooly at $152 million.

With the above history of success past 4-5 years, the current mobile head can start boasting about success. Juno Cho aims to work to the best of his ability and reach LG at such a great level that people can use as a reference point in the future. Juno Cho is largely credited for the North America branch success around the mid-2000 and the very well-received Chocolate Phone in 2006 which he was working and in-charge of. Having such a neat and presentable track record, he is the perfect candidate to head the LG mobile sales into China and other foreign markets. China is a place where Lenovo and Xiaomi have already captured the mobile economy. Will LG be able to change something ?? 

Kwon Bong-suk who is currently heading LG Corp’s Synergy Division has been promoted as President and CEO of Consumer Electronics.


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