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Week 4 – Condensed Android

Summary of the WeekIt is time to get updated with all the tech news for the week. First of all we begin with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer which has taken all the competitors by surprise.They have already achieved excellent sales in the Indian market. Now, they have kept the world waiting for their new device ‘Redmi Note‘.This mobile falls under the Phablet category. It is supposed to be priced reasonably to take on the big competitors like Samsung who are already ruling this segment. After some recent posts by the company in social networking sites it is pretty clear that we will not have to wait for much longer for the device to launch.

Meanwhile, Nokia is busy launching its tablet N1 which runs on the Android OS. This device comes in with a 7.9-inch IPS display(2048x1536p) and is quite similar in appearance to the iPad. It also comes with a zero gap display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Samsung is in trouble due to loss in customers has announced to reduce launching of new devices in the next year by 30%. In other news, all the large-scale retailers such as Croma, Planet M and Next have refused to sell Android One in their shops. This comes as no surprise as Google earlier decided to launch all the three devices only in e-stores.This rift between online sites and retailers has now taken an ugly turn as it started affecting the various mobile manufactures. Apart from all the big tech happenings across the globe, we have curated a list of best buy smartphones below Rs.5,000/- for the month of December 2014. All in all, the Nexus 6 was seen with a green notification light via rooting last week. The Jollla Tablet crowdfunding and crowdsourcing happened really well that the company decided to supply the tablet in Australia and Canada too.

The surprise for today is that we here at are working on making a quality video channel in which we will be explaining about various Android gadgets, Android app reviews and a lot more that you will be dying to know, so stay tuned….for more.

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Summary of the Week - Condensed Android - AndroGuru

Week 4 – Condensed Android

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has got an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop in Russia. OnePlus names their custom Android ROM as Oxygen.

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