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Nexus 6 Notification Light LED

Nexus 6 sports an LED notification light via rooting

There are talks about the Nexus 6 via mouth as well as on the Internet. We have come acrosNexus 6 Notification Light LEDs a new and shocking thing about the Motorola Nexus 6 on XDADevelopers. The Motorola Nexus 6 sports a brilliant Ambient Display feature that allows a user to have a quick look at ongoing notifications without unlocking the phone. One clever guy shared another neat feature on the device by which you can come to know about a pending notification via a hidden LED light.

The so called hidden LED light is situated right below the speaker grille on top of the screen. In order to enable this neat feature, the device has to be rooted. As of now, the notification light shows only green, red and blue colors. Various members are figuring out ways to make the notification LED light to display a combination of colors. 

The LED notification light can be configured and controlled via the Lightflow app. In the Lightflow app are various kinds of tools that can be used to set colors of the notification LED light for various circumstances (messages, calls, e-mail and even alarms) just like on Xperia devices. We will be updating you about the progress of this LED notification light as and when something new pops up.

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