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How to download and use Google Maps for Android offline

Was there sometime in your life that you were lost somewhere in Timbuktu and didn’t know the way back home because you could not get an active data connection to fetch the Google Map ?

Google has launched an update on the Google Maps for Android in May earlier this year by which you can save an offline map to access later. Many Android users are not aware about this and often start hating Google Maps because maps cannot be fetched in offline mode. Let us tell you that maps can be checked even where there is no existing data connection. The downside is that you will not be able to access route information, navigation, traffic and even addresses. Nevertheless, having map data for reference might just save you a lot of time in getting where you want to go. We have explained below how to use this nifty feature on Google Maps for Android.

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  • An Android device
  • Google Maps (Version 8)


1. Sign in to your Google Account.

2. Type “OK Maps” in the Search Bar and Hit the Search Button. If you feel that you are going wrong somewhere, refer the screenshots provided above. Further, a dialog box at the top of the map asks “Save this Map?” with a Save button below the screen.

3. Now, you can zoom in or out and move the map to select the area that you wish to use later on. Kindly note that everything that is on-screen gets downloaded so if you zoom out to save the entire Goa area, you will be able to access all locations in Goa.

4. Once you are done selecting the area, tap the Save button below the screen. Later, a dialogue box pops up where you are asked to type a name for the map so that you can access it faster just by the name. Then, tap on “Save”.

5. Now over to accessing the map offline is pretty easy. Tap the ‘person’ icon which is next to the Directions icon on the Search Bar. Once you reach your profile, scroll to the bottom to see the maps that you saved manually. Kindly note that you can rename the maps as and when you like and also edit the location.

The saved map of Goa occupied just 6.9MB of space on our smartphones and tablets. This would be good news for those who always have less space on their device.

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