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Australia and Canada added to list of countries for Jolla Tablet

Recently, an Indigogo campaign was stated by Jolla for their upcoming tablet and within a few hours the taJolla Tabletrget was crossed. Due to this real great response the company succeeded in achieving almost 300% of their initial target within a few days. This is the first time in history that a tablet has been crowd funded and crowd sourced.

Originally, the company had decided on China, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India and United States as the countries that it will be shipping the tablet to. The Jolla Team is really happy with the response of the funding and has decided to extend the demographic area. The company has asked people which other countries they would like to see the tablet being shipped to. After receiving several votes, the company has decided to ship it to Australia and Canada also. 

The Jolla Tablet could be sporting a 7.9-inch display screen with a screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, a 64-bit Intel Atom processor that is backed by 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage that is expandable. There are more features that you could view in the initial Jolla Tablet features and specifications. So now, the company will ship the Jolla Tablet to China, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, United States, Australia and Canada. There is no information on the sequence of shipping as of now.

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  1. Great I just ordered one, hopefully they will start making them asap!

    • Dear Retez,

      Great !! Once you receive it, do remember to share with us you’re experience and exclusive images so that we would feature you on our website as one of the first Jolla Tablet users.

      Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter.

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