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Facebook introduces standalone Groups app for Android

Facebook GroupsFacebook did something that made some happy and some really sad this year. The company made it compulsory to use the Messenger app to message contacts. Today, the social network announced a new standalone mobile app called Facebook Groups on the Google Play Store that focusses on the Facebook experience in terms of Group Messaging and interaction. Facebook has been pushing their mobile apps heavily this year and are doing quite good after they took over WhatsApp in their hands.

Just so that you know, Facebook Groups has been made available on the iOS Store as well as the Google Play Store effective immediately. The company thought about making group interaction easier and faster on the move. Facebook Groups aims to help user share stuff/media faster with easier access. If you can see in the images, the app shows different groups sorted by frequency of usage and creation of new groups just by a tap on the Add (+) icon. The best part is that notifications for groups are displayed inside the app and at the same time a user can exercise controls over the notifications seen.

Twitter has made a mark and so is Facebook trying to do the same. The introduction of a Discover tab on Facebook Groups is a section where group suggestions are shown based on Pages that you might have liked in the past, groups your friends are in and even location you or your friends checked in.

Facebook GroupsFacebook Groups

The surprise for you is worth knowing about because Facebook has allowed you to use the Groups app inside the main Facebook app both on Android and iOS. So, for now Facebook Groups can be used as an alternative to access groups.

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