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Samsung Flow is like Apple Continuity

I recently bought the Mac Mini and find it very amusing to use on an overall basis. Frankly speaking, I like OS X Yosemite. I am sure you heard about Apple Continuity and are also amazed about it. Let me tell you, Flow is a new technology which is announced by Samsung a few hours ago. Flow is not entirely a new concept as it is quite similar to Continuity that Apple has launched with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

There are three yet neat basic features of Flow that you would like to make a note of. The Transfer feature allows a user to push content between Samsung devices. A user can send a document or a web page from your phone to your tablet, start navigating and then push it to the Gear S. It does not stop there as this technology allows users to start watching a movie on a tablet and then push it to a Samsung TV. Apart from pushing here and there, a user can also start a video call on one device and then continue it on another. We are not reaching the Star Wars or Star Trek age but we are in for a big surprise from Samsung anytime soon.

Defer is another feature that allows users to save tasks on one device and access it later on any other device. In simpler words, you can save a link or a document on your device and then when you get back to your PC you can continue from where you left off.

Last but not the least, Notify is a syncing feature that syncs notifications between your Samsung devices so you can access files on the move and continue where you left. There is no raw information yet about the operating systems that will be supported for syncing with a PC. I hope it is made compatible for Windows or Chrome OS and even OS X !! Basically, Flow is just a work in progress but you could definitely root for it being seen on Samsung devices soon.

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