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Week 2 – Condensed Android

Summary of the WeekThis week there were many rumours regarding Samsung’s new OS Tizen. In case you do not know, Tizen is the name of Samsung’s Home OS which will be soon launched with certain devices with good features. The officials have indicated that India might be the first place where Tizen is launched. This decision does not come as a big surprise since Samsung has recently lost its grip hold in the Indian market to competitors like Micromax, Karbonn among many others and also to Xiaomi. Tizen is supposed to face heavy competition from Andorid One and other home-based low budget smartphones.Samsung Galaxy S5 gets a Rs.2,500/- slash in price and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is doing well in the market against stern competition from Apple iPhone 6. Android news this week is a bit less in terms of technicality and user experience. There are some gadgets that will be launched the coming week. We hope that all Android news is being watched on our Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile Amazon announces Echo which is technically a speaker you can talk to. It functions similar to Apple’s Siri.You can command it to play music or else search the Internet for some content.It is going to be launched this week online. Microsoft has made the pocket edition of Office free for iOS and Android. This move is supposed to help Microsoft make a comeback in the mobile popularity contest. ‘Office’ is also getting many updates and going through a makeover to add up more features that make it iOS friendly. Most of the apps that are updated for iOS are tried to be made available for Android and vice-versa.

Nexus 6 is to be priced at Rs.44,000/- INR for the 32GB variant while Rs.49,000/- INR for the 64GB variant. This phone comes with a cluster of features that include high build quality and also a qHD screen.The high price is justified but the average consumer will be disappointed. Although Google has made it pretty clear that this phone is one for the future and it is developer friendly. Mobile experts and critics feel that a more competitive price would have ensured great success for the phone.The Nexus 6 is a deserving smartphone because the other two; i.e the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 have stood out well since the launch and users seem to be really satisfied with the devices since they are used for development and updates are released on them first.

Motorola on the other hand is busy with a new handset,which is rumoured to be the next version of the G series.The standout feature is going to be a 13MP primary camera and 1.9 GHz processor.This phone will run on a 64 BIT operating system.The launch will take some time as the latest version G2 was launched recently. Android is still progressing and will always will. We dedicate out time to curate this kind of weekly summaries for you and only for you.

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Summary of the Week - Condensed Android - AndroGuru

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