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Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S will be sold in India on Amazon tomorrow

Samsung Gear SThe Samsung Gear S is a 100% purely Tizen-powered smartwatch with own voice and data connection that was launched almost a week ago in South Korea and crossed 10,000 sales on the launch day itself which is shocking. The 3G-enabled smartwatch went on sale on 5th November 2014 through local carriers such as SK Telecom and KT. The total sale number on the fist day does not include sales from other regions. The Samsung Gear S arrived on 24th October 2014 in the United Kingdom and then on 7th November 2014 it hit AT&T and Sprint which was followed by T-Mobile and Verizon two days later.

Commencing tomorrow, the Samsung Gear S will be available in India exclusively through Amazon even though the pricing has not been revealed. We advise you to say in touch on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for update about the same. The Gear S is a nice smart watch to sport for meeting or even as a casual wear. It has quick features that would make you move fast on-the-go.

The Samsung Gear S got plenty of reviews on many websites and from various people across the globe. Apart from that, an unofficial review was done which showed how worthy the smart-watch is and how reliable it will be for the future.

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