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Android 5.0 Lollipop

Sweetness you can expect with Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 LollipopThe wait has finally ended on 15th October 2014 when Google declared that Android L is Android Lollipop with the version number 5.0 and not 4.5. People are not sad the way they were with the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. Finally, Android 5.0 Lollipop is launched on the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9. There are so many enhancements that are worthy to be noted which we have listed below. Apart from the ones mentioned in detail below, there are more that you could view on the official Android website.

Material Design

Responsive UI with a bold and colorful experience across all devices. Users will be able to view new vivid colors, typography and edge-to-edge imagery. Android L was rumored for along time now thinking it to be Lava Cake, Lemon, Ladoo, Lassi and even LMP. Finally Google let out the secret of it being called Android 5.0 Lollipop. The experience after using the Nexus 6 or Nexus 9 which is purely based on Android Lollipop and then using your old device cannot be compared. The Material Design and various other advanced enhancements is just awesome.


With the updated way of how notifications work, there are new ways to control them and get disturbed only when you would like to be. Basically, a user will be able to view and reply to messages directly from the lock screen and feature is embedded where sensitive content can be hidden for certain notifications. It does not stop there as now every user will have Priority Mode. Priority Mode is a cool new feature where a user can schedule notifications coming for a fixed time and can be activated by the volume button of the device. Incoming Phone calls will not interrupt your work as you can choose to answer or ignore while continuing your work or watching a movie.


With Lollipop, a battery saver feature has been added where a user can use the device for an extended time of 90 minutes. Estimated Charging Time is displayed on the screen when the device is plugged in as well as the next time you need to charge is also shown.


Most of the new devices come with encryption automatically turned on to help protect data on lost or stolen devices.  Now, a user can use Android Smart Lock to secure your device by pairing it with a trusted device like your wearable or even your automobile.

Android 5.0 Lollipop brings in many more enhancements like Device Sharing, Quick Settings, Run-time and Performance, Connectivity, OK Google, Media, Android TV, Accessibility, Device Set Up and a lot more left for you to discover and share with us your experience.

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