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Google teases final name of Android L through a Video

Android LollipopIn the Google ecosystem the only big thing left this year is the launch of Android L and till today no one is sure of the full name of the version. People and even developers are guessing with names such as Lollipop, Lemon, Lassi, Ladoo and even have a strong feeling about LMP. Google is expected to announce the final Android L build with the Nexus 6 and the HTC Nexus 9 on Wednesday.

Cementing the whole fact of Android L and release with the smartphone and tablet, a teaser video posted by Android’s official YouTube channel on Tuesday which shows some of the finalists for the name of Android’s next mobile and tablet operating system. In this video the version number has been confirmed and will not change so it is version 5.0. In addition to the happenings in the video, a Google developer separately hinted that the L in Android L might refer to Lollipop so now again we are stuck between Lemon Meringue Pie and Lollipop.

Myce spotted the news first and the developer posted a screenshot that shows a debug icon with a face of Android robot on top of a stick which could suggest that it would be Lollipop. Have a look at the 33 second video below and share your thoughts in the form of comments below.

The screenshot was posted on Chromium Issue Tracker (cannot be seen as it is pulled down) which showed the de-bug icon in the Notification Panel.

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