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Summary of the Week - Condensed Android - AndroGuru

Week 1 – Condensed Android

This week was quite calm compared to the excitement of the previous two weeks. Apple is still puzzled on the bendgate issue while Samsung enjoyed mocking their biggest rivals,but now the it is Apple’s turn as Samsung launched its top-end device Note 4 in the South Korean market. Summary of the Week - Condensed Android - AndroGuru

The Note 4 was already in lime-light because of the high expectations from the Android fans. After buying the Note 4, numerous users have immediately complained that there is a gap between the metal frame and the body,videos posted of a paper being passed through the hole can be seen on YouTube. Samsung responded quickly stating that gap is not a manufacturing defect and wont affect the performance or the build quality of the device. Are you ready to pay such high prices and still get sub-standard products ?Although, we are sure that the Note 4 itself is an amazing piece of technology and the launch is pretty close in India.

In other news Moto 360 has been officially launched in India for a price of Rs.17,999/-. There is this new viral video that shows the Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android L and the entire layout looks real and we can expect something similar to that in Android L. Android One was launched couple of weeks back and its doing well in the market. It is definitely a good mobile for the average user and also fits a budget.

5th October marks the third death anniversary of Steve Jobs and today looking back at his life we can only be inspired and motivated to achieve bigger things in life. His life was difficult but he will always be remembered for his deeds were great. We hope his legacy is glorified and his legend lives on.We at salute one of the greatest minds and noblest soul the world has ever seen.

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Summary of the Week - Condensed Android - AndroGuru

Week 4 – Condensed Android

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has got an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop in Russia. OnePlus names their custom Android ROM as Oxygen.

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