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Android L for Galaxy S5 revealed

A lot of news is churning in about Android L and the HTC Nexus 9 tablet along with various other news. All known is that Android L is going to give the devices a smoother, material looking interface and comparatively faster at multi-tasking. SamMobile has showed an exclusive hands-on of the Samsung Galaxy S5 that  is running a TouchWiz-tinted version of Android L.

In the first glance, it is difficult to make out and tell the difference the Galaxy S5 ( Android 4.4 KitKat UI ) and this new Android L UI. The Homescreen is laid out identically. App icons for first-party programs like Messages and Phone have been redrawn based on Google’s Material Design guidelines for the Android L OS.

The Notification Drawer looks much cleaner as it is more spaced-out with brighter quick controls menu at the top and white rectangular boxes that are better to distinguish each of your new notifications. There is a lot new that is introduced in the TouchWiz UI for the Galaxy S5 but not many seem to like it. It is nice to see that the Android L Material Design is fitting very well on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Google has yet to announce the name and the official release date for the OS, but as per news it is scheduled sometime in November 2014.

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