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5.5 inch Asus Zenfone

5.5-inch Asus ZenFone may be unveiled in January 2015

We have seen how Asus has hit the market with their range of Zenfone Android powered smartphones. According to a report Asus is working on a 5.5” Zenfone smartphone which will be Android powered only. The smartphone is expected to debut during the CES 2015.

The yet to be revealed 5.5” Asus handset is all but certain to debut alongside the successors of the Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5 and the all good and featured packed Zenfone 6. The company is not only planning to expand but to also overtake Xiaomi, Motorola and various other brands.

Asus plans to increase the production of LTE devices duly and push them into key markets like the China and United States of America. Market analysists expect Asus to ship 16 million smartphones in 2015. Something shocking??


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