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Damian Menezes

Damian Menezes

Damian MenezesToday we have with us a very well known person from the Divar Island which is located after a few kilometers from Panjim, Goa, India. Mr.Damian Menezes is working at Tara Leisure Private Limited . Apart from his line of work, he loves to keep himself updated with latest technology in terms of internet and mobile. He purchased the Xiaomi Mi3 a few weeks back at Rs.13,999/- on Flipkart and has shared his experience up till now. Let us see what he has to say…………..

Damian Menezes says;

I used to have the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro before I purchased the Xiaomi Mi3 on the flash sale on Flipkart for Rs.13,999/-. I usually have a good record of updating myself with the latest technology so I make it a point to change the handset at least once in six months. The Xiaomi Mi3 is truly a dragon in the pocket and I personally feel that this phone cannot be any better as it has allowed the user to customize every part of the phone, may it be applications or even the settings.

I have been hearing a lot about the Redmi 1S for a long time now and just surprised how come the sale is happening every Tuesday on Flipkart where the Mi3 just had a few flash sales. The Redmi 1S would be a better option to go for if you have a budget of Rs.10,000 and below. There is nothing bad in the Redmi 1S or the Mi3. It would have been a little better if Xiaomi had to throw in earphones as I had to purchase it after checking the best sound and track record of sales of the various companies. The Display Screen is one just to look at whereas it would have been even better if the phone was more lighter. The best part about the Mi3 is that you can customize everything you want and it just gets better with every update. I am also glad that it is running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean because Googl’e mobile platform has a future in the world. I also heard about the Android Auto concept which will be launched very soon and will be something really cool to own in my ride. “There’s no more iPhone, only Xiaomi !!”

If I had a budget of Rs.35,000/- I would definitely go for the Moto X (2nd Gen) because I have heard pretty good words and seen reviews online about the smartphone. The best smartphone in the market according to me would be the HTC One M8 even till today and the best tablet would be the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet. I am now waiting for the release of Android L which could be in November….


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