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Android Auto vs CarPlay

Google Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay

Google has been entering every sector of the world with all their products such as Drive, Maps, GMail and Calendar among many others. Once they invented the mobile operating system Android, they have been just conquering the smartphone market with addition to new Android versions. There was talks over few months about Android Auto of which many were just speculations and some entirely false. We would say that both Apple and Google have one destination when it comes to in-car operating systems.

Firstly, both the mobile operating systems rely on a user’s smartphone to function with the display acting as a glorified display which in turn not only allows greater data sharing between user’s cars but also helps cut down the costs. Users will not have to arrange for a separate data plan for their vehicle/s. Android Auto vs CarPlay

Secondly, even though both systems will have touchscreen, they are also controllable via voice control (VC). Voice Control technology has not yet fully developed in terms of accuracy in picking up the correct words but can be considered as the best way to control a device while on road to improve the driving experience for everyone. In case a user does not want to use Voice Control they can simply choose not to and use the touchscreen.

Thirdly, in terms of the design and software, both the operating system user interfaces look different which is not at all surprising as we all know that Apple and Android are “world’s apart“. and that’s not surprising. Apple designed CarPlay which looks a lot like an iPhone. We are waiting to see what Google comes up with. Since it’s Android, there will be a more interactive and feature packed UI. According to various comments found over time on the web, Android Auto interface is a little less familiar where the system displays information to the driver in terms of navigation, and addresses the driver with road directions. Music can be played via your Android device instead of playing an Audio CD or connecting an external storage device.

Fourthly, moving over to the application front, it will be a big part ahead for both in terms of in-car systems. Android users will have to use the Google Play Store whereas iOS users will have to use the Apple Store. There might be small customization’s here and there. Widening the doubt hole, Android Auto will support third-party apps and developers can use the Android Auto SDK to create the app. Google has always been about providing the world a place to learn and they have done it this time for Android Auto as well. Developers can get ready to download the Android Auto SDK soon….

CarPlay and Android Auto will be touted in vehicles withing the next few months. You will not have to buy a new car to experience the feel of the in-car system as the same automobile makers will make separate decks that you will be able to fit in your existing car.

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