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Riddhish Panchigar

Riddhish Panchigar

Riddhish PanchigarToday we have with us the 22 year old, Mr.Riddhish Panchigar who is a Graduate from St.Xavier’s College, Mapusa, Goa. He hails from the lovely Vapi located in Gujarat and is currently offering his time working for BestFlatDeals. Apart from tinkering with mobile screens, he enjoys music and is a football fan. His attitude of learning and exploring has been spotted by us and we would like him to share his experiences about his Android journey…….Let’s see what he has to say !!

[quote cite=”Mr.Riddhish Panchigar”]I was using the Xolo T1000 since September 2013 and when I heard about the Xiaomi at office, I researched about the phone and really seemed to adore the features with a strong look at the neat price. [/quote]

He has elaborated a few points comparing the GOOD and the BAD points about the Xolo T1000 and Xiaomi Redmi 1S. If you feel that you also know something more and would like to share, kindly feel free to drop us a comment.


Mr.Riddhish Panchigar says;

  1. Xolo is a neat gaming smartphone with a 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor and an Nvidia GPU at a decent price in terms of the year I purchased it. As of now, there are better devices with better prices. I like three modes the Xolo T1000 offers i.e Battery Save Mode, Moderate Mode and Full Graphics Mode.
  2. The build quality of the T1000 is not impressive (feels like plastic) and no accessories are available in Goa for the smartphone. The internal storage available for user is only 2GB which is a drawback if you want to experience hardcore gaming. On an overall note, I have not experienced any issues with the device for one year now.
  3. Got the Xiaomi Redmi 1S on 11th September 2014 via Flipkart and was really speechless when I was unboxing the phone. Xiaomi has worked really hard by focusing on the build quality, processor, screen resolution and battery life. Apart from all the technicalities, I feel that the modification that can be carried out through every app in the device is just “fantastic”. The Redmi 1S Secondary Camera is by far the best 1.6MP camera I have used and seen. The company has worked a lot on packaging which is a good point being just an entry into India.
  4. If I had a larger budget of INR 30,000 I would vouch for the Moto X Gen 2 as it is an amazing phone because of the price, features and build quality. The design is remarkable and I have been really disappointed with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

RIDDHISH’S FAVORITE ANDROID APPS : Riddhish Panchigar with Xiaomi Redmi 1S

[quote cite=”Mr.Riddhish Panchigar”]I would like to thank for giving me this opportunity to express my views on my both the Xolo T1000 and the Redmi 1S. It feels real good that reviews of even a common man are heard with a lot of focus on detail. I would love to be associated with AndroGuru for a long time and follow updates along the way…..[/quote]

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  1. Great to hear about Xiomi Red mi 1s . Looking forward to buy the phone. This review is of great help. And yes about Iphone , really that Shitphone Sux a big time in front of Android.

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