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Android L Developer Preview

Bite of the Android L version which will release soon

Android L

Recently, Google revealed the Developer Preview of new flavor of Android (Android L) at the Google I/O 2014 in San Fransisco earlier this year. There are rumors that some smartphone manufacturers have already confirmed the Android L update for their devices like Motorola, HTC and Google’s Nexus line of smartphones.

Here are some of the features of Android L that you must know about:

Material Design Interface :

Google completely overhauled old user interface of KitKat and have added depth and shadows. New on-screen software button icons are in there too with a triangle replacing the Back arrow, a circle for Home and a simple square for accessing the Recent Apps multitasking menu.


Those who used KitKat with ART will already know about the concept and we would like to let you know that ART is going to become the default run-time in Android L replacing Dalvik which will significantly increase the performance and battery life of a device. It supports 64BIT architecture which means that apps will be able to address more RAM than in 32BIT based processors as now Qualcomm also released its x64 based SoC Snapdragon 410 for mid range devices.

Android L Developer Preview

Project Volta:

L release is bend upon to increase the battery life of the devices and test runs on Nexus 5 has shown significant results in battery performance(90 minutes increase). This is done with the help of bundle of improvements known as “Project Volta”.

“Heads-up” notifications:

You will be able to interact with notifications more easily in Android L. One will be able to choose which notification show up on the lock screen and amount of detail they’ll show. One can also decide how much portion of actual messages is to be displayed when phone is potentially visible to others, or whether more details will only be revealed when phone is unlocked. They also aren’t necessarily displayed in chronological order anymore – the OS will be able to learn the priority order of the notifications “Heads-up” appear on top of whatever you’re doing and allow you to take action or dismiss them immediately.

Google Fit: 

Now a days smartphone companies are releasing various propriety apps for their devices exclusively so now Google has taken a step ahead in this direction by integrating Google Fit in its new flavor. Developers can get the SDK for Google fit by clicking here. Google Fit will try to take on Apple’s HealthKit and will come with automatic synchronization services with the device and connected accessories. Google Fit will be able to monitor physical fitness and provide full day analysis.Major partners like Nike, Adidas, Runkeeper, HTC, Asus, LG and Motorola are already on board.

These are by far the basic new features but there are many more to be added in the final release of Android L.


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