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Week 2 – Condensed Android

Summary of the Week - Condensed Android - AndroGuruIt has been quite an interesting week as far as mobile technological advancements are concerned. The biggest news is the official launching of the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as reported by our Director and Editor in Chief Mr.Nigel Quadros on Facebook. At last, Apple has decided to join the other competitors in the size department and as a whole the company has decided to give many new additional features which were not much appreciated by consumers as seen in social media. The live-stream had a lot of issues which were reported online and the greatest hype about the same was created on Twitter.

People have strongly criticized Apple being not as innovative as before. Even the other rivals have dropped in some hilarious sarcastic videos. Apple will not mind it because their newly launched products are still setting new sales records which is important for them. Apple has promised an all new iWatch that will be synchronized with the iPhone. It is exciting to see how Apple fares in the Watch/Gear section as other big brands have found it difficult to impress the customers.

Android will announce the launch of the Android Gear soon and it is supposed to be one of the biggest competitions for Apple. Android Gear will obviously be very affordable and also have the ability to connect with more Android devices. Meanwhile, Motorola and LG have announced launch of the Moto 360. Samsung is already a big part of this sector with their Gear while Sony are the pioneers in this field. It is very pleasant to see that many brands are investing in the watches as it means more options in terms of utility and competitive prices for the user.


Install Linux on Android – Samsung all set to launch the Gear VR – Arantxa Azavedo

Now, Sony is mainly focusing on launching their top-end phone for 2014 which will be the Sony Xperia Z3. Samsung is trying to create a buzz for their soon-to-be-launched Samsung Note 4 which will be released with the legendary Gear VR. In the software section, it can be clearly predicted that there is going to be a very tough face-off between Android L and iOS 8.We are pretty curious to know which will be more appreciated by the users.

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Summary of the Week - Condensed Android - AndroGuru

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