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Gerald Vaz

Gerald Vaz

Gerald VazWe present to you the very intelligent and innovative Mr.Gerald Vaz from Divar Island, Goa, India who uses the Samsung Galaxy Core at the moment but is known for using many Android devices across the years. He is a hotelier by profession and loves dedication his time to the industry. Apart from just looking at amiable guests , he loves to tinker around with gadgets. He is a huge fan of Android even though he has a couple of colleagues and friends who use iOS devices. We have asked him “why” and he has a lot to explain.

Mr.Gerald Vaz says;

I have been using Android device past 2 years and I have a few bad points as well as many good ones to share.

  1. Android as a whole operating system is not stable but offers a lot to it’s users.
  2. I have been using an Idea Android smartphone for almost a year and am really happy with the functions and features. I have not faced any issues with it up till date. I would definitely agree that the phone has not received as many updates as other brands but works fine even till today.
  3. There are times when I feel that my phone is slow in responding compared to other devices like the Sony Xperia M and the HCL ME Y1 which my friend Mr.Reagan Remedious sports. I would not feel sad as I would blame the processor and at the end of the day I could not blame any hardware component as technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that people are changing devices every 2-3 months. I have seen what is happening with the Xiaomi Mi3 and the very new and well priced Xiaomi Redmi 1S.
  4. Android has a future and will do very well along the way. If I had a budget of Rs.30,000/- I would definitely buy the Nexus 5 as I have heard that it is Google’s developing device and updates for any version release first on the same.
  5. The Samsung Galaxy Core is just one perfect device within the price range that I had thought of and is really suiting my daily use and needs. I also wonder what is NFC and would like to invest in a few months down the line.


[quote cite=”Mr.Gerald Vaz”]Thank you for choosing me as a worthy Android user. I wish to learn more about Android as I progress along with technology. I being a huge fan of gadgets have always been staying tuned to the website for hardcore and exclusive news about Android. [/quote]

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