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Omkar Narvekar

Omkar Narvekar

Omkar NarvekarWe present to you the very lively and friendly Goan residing at Divar Island, Goa, India who uses an Android device and is satisfied with certain points that he would like to share about Android and his experience. Mr.Omkar Narvekar is a very vibrant individual who takes part in various activities happening in his locality and at times his device has come in handy. Apart from just using the Android device, he has ventured out to look at better smartphones and tablets that would be fitting his budget in the near future. Let’s see what he has to say.

Mr.Omkar Narvekar says;

Android has been with me always and I love the mobile operating system because;

  1. I being a complicated person, like complicated things. The Android security (phone lock and various locking apps) has been very faithful to me over the years even though I have heard many things about the loopholes in Android in terms of malware and security.
  2. I am using a Micromax Canvas Fun A74 which I bought in Panjim at an approximate of Rs.8,000/- and have never turned back on Android ever since.
  3. The Google Play Store has so many apps that sometimes I really flip out deciding which application to download. I agree, that some of the apps on the Google Play Store are not functional because amateur Android developers publish them to see the worth of it. Google has kept the whole platform open-source which is the real treat for all.
  4. Approximately, two months ago my Canvas Fun got 3-4 cracks on the screen and I was really quaking in my boots whether it is going to work or just be a piece of junk in my cupboard. I was wrong, it’s still working !! The screen quality for the price is really fantastic and the multi-tasking feature on the device rocks if you are running apps simultaneously like WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook and Twitter among many others.


[quote cite=”Mr.Omkar Narvekar”]Android is not just a mobile operating system but an experience all together. iOS is meant for people who love quality, design and a hassle-free life with no much complication. I have been tuned with past one year and am really happy with all information provided about Android tablets, Android smartphones, app reviews and various other crazy stuff. Way to go Android !!! Way to go AndroGuru !! :)[/quote]Omkar Narvekar

Omkar is looking out to buy another Android smartphone very soon and he is eyeing the Sony Xperia Z2. He is also shocked with the response received by the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi via Flipkart with the sale of the Mi3 and the Redmi 1S.

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