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Shubham Kesarkar

Shubham Kesarkar

Shubham KesarkarWe present to you Mr.Shubham Kesarkar a very ardent Android fan and device user residing in Goa, India. He loves Android to such an extent that he experiments with various apps published on the Google Play Store. Apart from technology, he is an aspiring sports person travelling across India to play various matches on behalf of the state. His first Android device was the Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300. He has a lots to say about why he likes Android and what are the drawbacks too. Shubham’s favorite Android apps include WhatsApp Messenger, Temple Run, Truecaller, Google Maps and Rope Escape among many others.


Mr.Shubham Kesarkar says;

I love Android because :

  1. It has changed the way I look at life. First when I was a Symbian device user I used to feel that life is so boring with a phone and since the time I have switched over to Android, I feel that life has a lot to offer just the like Android mobile operating system created by Google.
  2. When I see many of my friends with iPhone’s and iPad’s, I often wonder how they manage with the Bluetooth sharing with non-iOS users (I tend to laugh in my mind).  Android is not stable compared to the iOS platform but has been improving over the years.
  3. My first Android device was the Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 which I replaced with the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 approximately 7 months ago. It is time for me now to change my device. I would be looking at purchasing a device within the price range of Rs.12,000/- to Rs.15,000/-.
  4. I would say that Android has a bright future looking at the current advancement with Android Wear and Android Auto.
  5. Many years ago I used to love playing Pokemon on my Nintendo GameBoy Advance and recently I came to know that there are emulators which can be used to play the same on my smartphone. Hats off to Android and to the developers who have published such apps on the Google Play Store.

[quote cite=”Mr. Shubham Kesarkar”]I am using an Android smartphone since 2011 and referring to for all Android news and updates since 2013 and have not looked back ever since. I would recommend to aspiring Android developers, beginners and even experts as you get a chance to get a look beneath Android here. [/quote]

At the moment, I am thinking of investing in the Xiaomi Redmi 1S or in the Xiaomi Mi3. I have seen past few months what the Motorola Moto G has done to users in Goa. I have almost 2 friends who own the Moto G and are truly satisfied with the user interface and features. Heard a lot about the Android L update which is supposed to be released soon.


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