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Top 5 Android Emulators


Emulators have always been used for PC , either it would be a PlayStation Emulator or Turbo C Emulator for programming. It shows the true power of PC that it is and you are capable of doing anything. Now smartphones are not so far in this arena. With the power of high processing speed and excellent slots of RAM, you could emulate many platforms. We have listed below top five emulators for your Android device.

Gaming at it’s best on Android or iOS ?

  1.  Limbo PC Emulator: Limbo PC Emulator or Qemu X86 is one of the most powerful Emulators designed for ARM based devices to emulate x86 environment. This means that you can run most of the popular OS available out there for PC (Not Windows 7 or 8) that includes Windows 95, Ubuntu, Windows XP (too slow). You can search and download this emulator .apk file as it has been removed from the Google Play Store. For instruction of installing the Emulator and OS follow up with the link.


2.Fpse (Play Station X Emulator): If you are a fan of PS emulator , you would have played some Games on PSX like Tekken 3, Spiderman, Duck Tales, etc. This emulator is so stable that it runs almost all of the games of PSX smoothly without any lag. You can also emulate the Memory Card for saving your games.





  3.aDOSBox (DOS emulator) : Android DOS box is very unique and light weight emulator available for Android devices. This emulator allows you to play DOS games easily on your device and most importantly you can also code on C and compile on your favorite TurboC compiler.You can Download this emulator from here.



4. MAME4DROID (Nintendo Games Emulator): Ever wanted to play some of the games of your childhood . MAME4Droid is a very good emulator to complete the task. All you need is to download NES ROMs for the emulator.


5. PPSSPP(PSP Emulator): Ever wanted to leave you PSP home and even play your favorite PSP games. Then this emulator does this job, you only need to convert your favorite game into .iso or .cso file and save it onto your device. You can download this from here.

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