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Reagan Remedious

Reagan Remedious

Reagan RemediousWe present to you Mr.Reagan Remedious an avid Android device user from Goa, India who loves to use the Android mobile operating system because of many reasons that he has shared with us. He is working in the hotel industry and finds it really amusing to own an Android device because it passes his time with the various Android apps available on the Google Play Store. Apart from his profession, he loves to listen to really cool tracks by Armin Van Burren, Tiesto among many others which he plays via the default app on his HCL ME Y1 and the Sony Xperia M.


Mr. Reagan Remedious says;

I love Android because :

  1. It’s open-source.
  2. Manipulative if you are a developer, I have heard.
  3. Lots to explore.
  4. Google has been very generous to let this be a mobile operating system where people can learn and earn.
  5. Updates are really exciting.
  6. The Android 4.4 KitKat update brings in many new improvements to various devices.
  7. It’s affordable. The iPhone is simply expensive and have heard that in the developer angle, it’s like a jail.
  8. Apple is going to loose with Google in a few years because of the devices which will be sold across the globe.

[quote cite=”Mr. Reagan Remedious”]I am happy that is one Android portal which provides the best buy with different price ranges every month that helps me decide and purchase. [/quote]

Apart from my experience with Android, I would like to thank for choosing me to share my views about Android. At the moment, I am waiting for Google to release the Android L update.


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