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Hangouts, News and Weather App updated for Android

On Wednesday, Google added a new feature to its GMail Web-interface which brings in a new Hangouts Tab that would allow users to see which of their contacts are online first, before the offline contacts just like the desktop Google Talk experience.  On another note, Google has also revamped their News and Weather app for Android. News and Weather App

According to source, users can now also pin a contact to the top of the list (preferably their favorite and most contacted people). Just like the previous update user flow, users will be able to send a message to offline contacts as well which will be delivered to them whenever they check Hangouts on any type of device.

The company has also stated that the update will be rolling out to various devices over the next few days. The updated version (2.0) of the News and Weather app allows download and usage to all Android devices running  Android 4.0 or above Personalized news can now be curated and fetched with a simple Sign-In procedure with an improved support to tablets. Sections can be accessed by users just by simple swipes just like the Facebook app for Android where you swipe through News Feed, Profile, Messages and Account. A Feedback option has also been added to the top-right corner of the Menu.

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  1. Awesome information on google update.Is it compatible with PC becuse weather app I didnt come across yet?

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