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The story behind the growing numbers of Android

The story behind the growing numbers of Android

People are getting more and more involved with technology day-by-day. We have seen the rise of Android app downloads this year compared to the previous year which means that more mobile devices were purchased and more manufacturers emerged. According to the info-graphic seen below, China is the country raking the highest with 1,246.3 million mobile subscriptions followed by India sitting at 893.3 million. Indonesia having 285.0 million has been overtaken bu United States having 345.2 million mobile subscriptions. Thereafter there are countries like Brazil, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Nigeria who are also contributing heavily to mobile subscriptions. Android is one platform which was deliberately kept open source by Google for developers across the globe to learn and contribute to make the platform better for years to come.

When it comes to top mobile manufacturers in 2013 we can draw out top ten from the info-graphic with their sales values hitting in millions.

  1. Samsung – 444.4
  2. Nokia – 250.8
  3. Apple – 150.8
  4. LG – 69.0
  5. ZTE – 59.9
  6. Huawei – 53.3
  7. TCL – 49.5
  8. Lenovo – 45.3
  9. Sony – 37.6
  10. Coolpad – 32.6

Apart from all about the numbers and their significance, you can also have a look at the global smartphone operating system share in 2013 and the global tablet operating system share in 2013.

The story behind the growing numbers

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