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Xiaomi Mi3 Cloud Messaging

Xiaomi software update to make MIUI Cloud Messaging optional

Xiaomi released a software update yesterday for all it’s Mi smartphones which includes the very popular Xiaomi Mi3. The update (KXDMIBF23.0) is designed with a lot of thought to make Apple’s iMessage-like MIUI Cloud Messaging optional for users.

Xiaomi Mi3 Cloud Messaging

As soon as Mr.Sagar Chawla residing in Delhi came to know he received this update he got in contact with us and shared his excitement. Basically, Sagar is an Apple enthusiast and values good things in life and feels that the Xiaomi Mi3 is one of them. Apart from having brilliant specifications and mind blowing price, it is stable and stunningly fast. Since he is an iOS user there is difficulty with the keyboard but is happy says it’s “understandable” because he has switched platforms now. He finds the UI and the battery backup mind blowing !! What about you ??

Also see what Mohit Gulati has to say about the Xiaomi Mi3.

MIUI Cloud Messaging service is pre-installed on all Xiaomi Mi smartphones in order to allow a free exchange of messages by routing messages via an IP instead of using an SMS gateway by the carrier. Just so that you know, the routing process stores device and SIM identifiers on the company’s servers anonymously which include IMEI and IMSI numbers with inclusion to the phone number.

An update was given by Xiaomi Global Vice President yesterday on Google+ which is clarifying the facts behind the MIUI Cloud Messaging feature which was initially a trouble for the company. Hugo Barra also says ” Since we believe it is our highest priority to protect privacy and user data, we have decided to make MIUI Cloud Messaging an optional service for users.”

He also states “We apologize for any concern caused to our device users across the globe. We would also like to thank media and users who have been sending us opinions and valuable feedback which will definitely allow us to improve and provide better Internet services.”

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In case you missed the push notification which is usually provided via an OTA update, you could manually check the update by going through Settings > About Phone > System Updates. Xiaomi is a Chinese based company and has recently arrived to India via Flipkart.


Facebook has recently made the Messenger app a must to download for all Android users and most users have flipped out to see such a change.

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