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Twitter hints on new feature of Payment and Shipping


In the past, the world’s largest micro-blogging network Twitter was exploring new ways to design and build and e-commerce platform which is integrated to sell products. Recently, we found some Twitter for Android users reporting on the presence of a new feature in the Settings Menu of the Android app called “Payment and Shipping“. As of now, the feature has been de-activated and cannot be accessed. Apart from the users reports on Twitter, the news was picked by The Next Web and can also be seen in the Twitter Search. There are many other Twitter users who are also contributing to the feature as they have seen it and made a note of it. Twitter is constantly updating their app for iOS and even Android. They are focusing on making it better for micro-blogging as Facebook is competing heavily with them. Shopping services on Twitter will take some time to come into effect as they are still working on making it the best for all Android users. You could have a look below at how the reporting about this new feature started. Apart from just posting the tweets, the users have received a huge amount of interaction in the form of replies, re-tweets and even favorites.

Have a look below at another user, who has provided a whole view of the Settings Menu where the Payment and Shipping can be seen on the Twitter for Android app. Nothing is confirmed as of now, but all you can do is wait and keep an eye on the Settings Menu. With all this improvements and updates, Twitter has a bright future into the marketing world and will secure a place in the IT world.

As always, Twitter is known for testing features with limited number of users before making an official announcement. Earlier, Twitter for Android had an update released which allowed users to share the tweets via WhatsApp Messenger as there was a WhatsApp button integrated. Do not take this as the only news about the introduction of shopping services by Twitter as we will be updating with more.

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