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Android users flip out with new Facebook Messenger

Facebook MessengerWe have been receiving emails from so many Android users across the globe complaining about the Facebook Messenger app. The users are denouncing the Facebook’s forced migration to the Messenger app for private conversations. Facebook is all about security this time and is not taking the blame for the unauthorized calls which were being made earlier via the app or any other privacy concerns.

For over two weeks now, Facebook has been pushing all the Android Facebook app users to download the Messenger standalone app because they are removing the messaging feature in the Facebook app. As can be seen in the image. some users were notified with a pop-up when they went to check their messages in their in-app message section to download the standalone Messenger. Once you see the notification, you will see a “Get App” button and once clicked. you will be diverted to the Play Store to download Facebook  Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger User Agreement Terms for Android devices were seen by numerous users as increasingly invasive and the company making privacy rights irrelevant. Facebook has stated that they are not responsible for the mobile app’s liberal access terms which came straight from Google. Facebook has made a post inclined to the same stating that they company is not allowed to write it’s own privacy terms for Android users.

According to source, one Android user wrote;

Deleting this sh*t. I cannot believe that Facebook made me download this infringement on my personal privacy. I am no way keeping this on my tablet after it’s told me to agree to letting it take audio and video at whatever time.

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