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Android L Themes, Launchers and Icon Packs

Android LGoogle had announced Android L at the Google I/O 2014 in San Francisco. Almost two months have gone by and if you feel that nothing is done about the Android L update, we would say that you are wrong. We have curated the best for you and would like to let you know that you could have a preview of the version on your Android device. We are aware that all Android geeks crave for revolutionary enhancements on their device through third-party add-ons before the update is released like Android L themes, icon packs and even launchers. Apart from all custom themes and launchers, we would also like to let you know that the release of Android L has been delayed a bit.

Google seems to have efficiently designed the flat-icon-style design in Android L just like the iOS 7 with a thoroughly revamped interface that would appeal to Android users. There are many Android users who feel that iOS is better but we can be very clear and say that both the mobile operating systems cannot be compared as they are just different in so many angles. Below listed are a few popular add-ons that could give your Android a refreshing look and a satisfying user experience before the public release of Android L is out.


NOVA Launcher (Free) – Nova Launcher Prime (Rs.200/-)

ExDialer Theme Android L (Free)

Android L Theme – CM11 ($2.68/Rs.161.44/-)

Android L Launcher Theme ($1.99/Rs.119.01/-)

Android L LockScreen (Free)

Android L Icons and Weather Skin (Free)


We would like to know about your experiences with the launchers on your Android device. If you own a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 you can check out the real preview of Android L.

Source : Phone Arena

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