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App Annie Q2 2014

Android Play Store vs iOS App Store

The Google Play Store which is also known as the Android Play Store has changed the outlook to Android. In the case of the iOS App Store, it is all about security, control and at the same time money. If you are a genuine app developer, there is a higher chance of you monetizing your app by publishing it on the iOS App Store rather than on the Google Play Store.  App Annie Q2 2014

App Annie has analysed and revealed that in the last quarter ending June, Android recorded 60% more app downloads than in the previous quarter. Coming over to iOS there was a 45% increase seen. There was a total of 150 million app downloads on the Play Store and 100 million on the iOS App Store. Have a look at the report beside and think about the ways you can change your life and change your income.

When the big bucks start flowing in, it’s all about revenue and iOS took the lead having a total income of $100 million and Android was at $60 million. According to source, the iOS App Store provided around 80% more revenue than the Play Store in Q2 2014. We presume that these values are surely going to change in few months and Android will be raking in come more revenue. Android L could be a game changer and a cash turnover.

Looking back at last month, another report by App Annie revealed that the Play Store revenue grew twofold over last year which is a really good sign. Android has not only given a chance for app developers to learn but also to earn. Explore the Android Play Store and start fault finding different apps and making better ones. Why are you waiting ? 

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