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Lock screen of Android L revealed

KitKat LockScreen-AndroGuruThe Android L update was tested on the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 and can be tried on the the same. The Android L displays a lot of improvements and enhanced changes in the user interface and features. There is a great enhancement done to the lockscreen which we have liked. According to source, the biggest change can been seen as the addition of lock screen notifications where Google has sprinkled in a few more features.

The most obvious and nice difference is the way the device is unlocked. Now, instead of touching the lock icon and dragging your finger in the left and right direction, you will have to just swipe upwards from anywhere on the screen just the the Sony Xperia default wallpaper unlock. Just for reference, the lock icon is now at the very bottom of the screen and is comparatively smaller.

Android L Lockscreen-AndroGuru
Android L Lockscreen 2-AndroGuru

Apart from all the changes which are visual, the whole locking and unlocking experience is the same. In case you want to get a better view of all the notifications without unlocking your device, all you got to do is swipe down on the lock screen which will make the clock disappear and give an expanded view of the notifications. There are cute changes which are made to the lockscreen when the phone is charging.

Lockscreen Charging-AndroGuru

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