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Z Android Launcher

Z Android launcher released by Nokia

Z Android Launcher
Z Android Launcher

When Nokia’s devices unit was bought by Microsoft, Nokia spun off a new skunk-works division which was called Nokia Technologies and the first project by this division was an Android launcher which was officially known as a Z Android launcher.

It’s a personalized Android launcher which is named after a gesture that would let a user write instead of typing. This Z Android Launcher provides the user a running list of apps and contacts that dynamically change according to the location of the device or the user with call logs and date/time. The Z Android Launcher has a lot of other features that cannot be compared with other apps on the Google Play Store. This launcher has been worked on for months and has been designed for the best use.

The Z Android Launcher does not support widgets and only presents a list of icons and apps depending upon usage. Apart from displaying the calendar and clock, the Google Search bar does not show up. Surprisingly, the Nokia Z Android launcher is not available on the Google Play Store and is only available on the official Z Launcher website.

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