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HTC One M8

A closer look at the HTC One M8

One of the leaders in smartphone manufacturing, HTC Corporation launched HTC One M8 smartphone recently. After months of anticipation, the history’s most leaked handset is finally here. The first generation HTC One received accolades from all quarters. The second one in the series looks promising. Let us scan the latest offering:


HTC One M8

The USP of the phone is its design which is solid, symmetrical and slightly heavy. The three-casing-panel seems to have been adopted from Apple’s iPhone 5S design. But the screen is larger than the iPhone 5/5S. The slick LCD panel stands at 5 inches. The aluminium casing and the metal chassis are 90% (up by 20%). 9.35mm thickness and 160g makes it heavier than iPhone. The color options include metallic grey with a silver version and champagne/rose gold. The metallic effect is astonishing.


HTC One M8

HTC employs Qualcomm’s 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 SoC with 2GB of RAM in HTC One. The memory can be expanded with micro USB connector. The microSD is added to this one with 16 GB of internal storage that can be expanded to 128 GB.

OS and Apps

HTC One M8

Software seems to have been the center of focus in HTC One (M8). The core apps – BlinkFeed, Gallery, Zoe and HTC TV can be downloaded from the Google Pay Store. This should head for new and improved built-in apps and services. With a slicker design and more resourceful content, BlinkFeed news ticker has made a comeback on the home screen. The app is useful in handling entertainment via the phones IR blaster. Also added to these are social feeds and sports stats. Email and calendar apps look better. A “do not disturb” feature allows accessing your favorite four apps directly from the lock screen.


HTC One M8

The rear facing camera is 4MP with 5MP front-facing one. The camera performance has improved especially in low-light conditions. An additional lens is put onto the back paving way for more focus-based effects. It allows blurring background or foreground of a photo or bring a new perspective on the subject by tilting the phone. There are certain flaws but all-in-all the dual lens system does a fairly good job.


HTC One M8

Metal casing houses BoomSound, HTC’s signature speakers. The sound system includes speakers, audio tuning, amplifiers and hollow chambers at the back of micro-drilled holes. These chambers are 20% larger than the previous phone and produce 25% more sound.

Video and Call Quality

HTC One M8

A full HD 1080p resolution with pixel quality of 440 ppi has a brighter screen with rich colors. Sunlight use is better but is not the best in the market. Smartphone tasks such as games, websites and videos appear clear and alive. Watching YouTube, TV sitcoms and feature films is so much more enjoyable. Voice calls are clearer.


HTC One M8

HTC Sense 6 user interface is sharper, cleaner and delightful for use. A sensor hub provides features like Fitbit tracking. It lets you track steps, calories, distance without the use of a physical tracker as n iPhone 5s. It is faster. Motion gestures like double tap on the screen wakes it, another double tap makes it blank. A swipe from the right can get you to the homescreen and swipe from the left opens up BlinkFeed. Swipe from the bottom opens the last app used and from top, voice calls. The most exciting of all is the Dot View Case. A double tap at its rubbery dot-matrix cover displays time and weather updates. It even tells you if the vibration was of email or a message.

Performance and Battery Life

HTC One M8

The new phone has 2600mAH battery, 300mAH more than its predecessor. The extreme power saving mode looks promising. The mode when switched on facilitates lesser brightness. A special screen gives access to texting and email through email downloading and voice calling while everything else is disabled. The makers claim that 5% charge lasts 15 hours whereas a full charge lasts about two weeks. The mode can be enabled manually and can be set at automatic switch over when the charge remains less than 20%.

Verdict: HTC One M8 is the best Android phone in the market today. Though the look may be deceiving but trust me it is a brand new phone with some great features on board.

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