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Lenovo A Series

Lenovo unveils five Android tablets with Dolby powered speakers

Lenovo A Series

Lenovo has launched their A-series tablet range that has been designed to meet the demands of active users who are always on the go and have great lifestyle requirements that are as diverse as their own personalities. Shao Tao (Vice President of Lenovo and Head of Mobile BU) ;

Our Android family of tablets will surely appeal to users around the globe as our company has built products to be highly flexible to serve multiple budgets and needs.

The Lenovo A7-50 has been priced starting at £99.99 and the Lenovo A8-50 starts from £139.99 while the A10-70 tablet will be available from £169.99.

  • A7-30 Pocket Studio with Dolby : The Lenovo A7-30 delivers an audio experience that is normally reserved for more expensive tablets and is armed with exceptional Dolby enhanced front dual-speakers which makes it an ultra-portable tablet that music lovers will want to take wherever they travel.
  • A7-50 Crystal Clear Multimedia Reader: The Lenovo A7-50 is also an ultra-portable device which is basically an on-the-go reading companion for having a budget. The 7-inch HD display with a wide view reveals sharper text and web pages and is powered by a quad-core processor and equipped with a 2MP primary and secondary camera. It is also available as the A7-40 which comes in a stylish Ebony color with an 8GB internal storage and only a primary camera.
  • A8 Home Entertainment On the Move: The Lenovo A8 is presented in a rage of bold color options to suit different people while providing total entertainment on the go just as the other models in the A-series.
  • A10 Mobile Home Theater System: The Lenovo A10 provides an amazing video quality and viewing experience without sitting at home where you can watch full-length high quality movies on the go with the superb 10.1 inch wide HD display screen and Dolby enhanced dual front speakers.

Source : AndroidCentral

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