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Free Run Its New York

Free Run – Its New York

Free Run Its New YorkWhen you hear the word “run“, what is the first thing that comes to your mind ?

Temple Run by Imangi Studios has done really well as they got people addicted to the game within no time and launched more app sequels like Temple Run 2, Temple Run Brave among others. Today, we have taken for review one very potential app that could really improve and get better with updates from time to time. Currently, it is a free app published by Migital Super Games on the Google Play Store and is compatible on all Android devices that run Android 2.3 and above.

We have received numerous e-mails and messages from our fans that Free Run is not very appealing because of the graphics. We would not agree to everyone as the app developer has got potential and we seek a better update with a lot of focus on graphics the next time. Free Run – Its New York is a unique concept app that revolves around a city where you have to figure out your way to reach the finish line by passing many obstacles like cars and garbage bins.

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Migital Super Games have already reveled that their next app update is going to have the following major changes and improvements :

  • Inclusion of more levels that would be addictive.
  • Tricks during game-play will be improved.
  • Tutorial that would be very detailed and easy to comprehend.
  • Graphics would be updated heavily.
  • Game sounds will be improved.

As of now, the gaming experience is not up to the mark but as soon as the next major update is out, Free Run will be rocking and downloads will be popping in with a brilliant gaming experience on an overall basis. Do remember to check out our updated app review as soon as Migital Super Games update Free Run Its New York.

Free Run is based on a type of athletic training called ‘Parkour’ which is a skill based action running game that assists to enhance motor skills and concentration levels with a lot of exercise to the mind. As soon as the app is updated, we are sure that you will forget the temple, jungles and subway stations as the City of New York will be waiting to thrill you.

NOTE : Free Run Its New York runs smoothly on devices with a good GPU.

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