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Top gaming console emulators on Android

We live in the era where technology is constantly being pushed to its limits, and the best example is the phone you have in your pocket at this very moment – how many of the technologies it incorporates were available five years ago? How about ten years ago? Android Emulators

Smartphones are very popular nowadays, mostly for activities that have nothing to do with the basic functions of a phone, and one of the most popular activities is gaming. However, despite the quick evolution of technology and the constant improvements in all its fields, some people are still hooked on the past. If you’re one of those people, and you also happen to be a gamer, you’re in luck – this article will cover some of the most popular gaming console emulators on Android.

NES Android Emulator

Do you miss your old Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, as most people know it? You’ll be glad to find out you’re not the only one; you’ll be even happier to find out that some people have done something about it. Meet Nesoid, an open-source NES emulator for Android that incorporates all the goodies of the good old NES games. Unfortunately, due to some copyright claims from Nintendo, Nesoid has been removed from the official app markets, being available for download via 3rd party sites. If you want an officially supported version, NES.emu is the go-to app. This emulator also incorporates all the stuff you need to play NES games, as well as some useful add-ons such as compatibility with external controllers and some noticeable video enhancements.

SNES Android Emulator

If you’re old-school, but not THAT old-school, maybe a SNES emulator would suit you better. Snesoid is free option to get your SNES games up and running, and it also comes with some interesting upgrades such as support for Bluetooth or wireless controllers, as well as a save game option and even a multiplayer mode. Just like its sibling, Snesoid is also banned from the Google Play Market, so if you want to get your emulator “the right way”, you can choose Snes9x EX+ – a SNES emulator that does exactly the same thing.

SEGA Genesis Android Emulator

The SEGA Genesis, also known as Mega Drive, was also one of the most popular gaming consoles of its time, so it’s no wonder it also got its own emulator for the Android platform. MD.emu is one of the most polished console emulators you can try, supporting SEGA’s Genesis, Master System and SEGA CD devices. The emulator comes with a multiplayer feature, 6-button controller support and many other tweaks. Unlike the Nintendo options, this emulator is not free. Still, good things are worth paying for, right?

PlayStation Android Emulator

“PlayStation” is a name that’s still resonant today, and not only for the awesome consoles from the past, but for the ones present nowadays as well. Still, if you prefer the classics, the ePSXe PlayStation emulator will transform your Android phone into a veritable retro PlayStation console. Besides the classic features almost all console emulators come with, ePSXe has one special feature – split screen multiplayer. Especially useful if you’re on a tablet, this feature will allow you to share the screen with a friend, and enjoy a head-to-head competition, just like you did in the old days, on your PlayStation.


We’ve left the best for the last: the all-in-one solution. Whether you don’t have the time to search for that perfect emulator or just want to have everything in one place, RetroArch has you covered. Simply put, RetroArch combines all the emulators you could think of into one single app. Sure, it may not be as awesome as individual emulators, but it does its job, and it is free – what more could you ask for?

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