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AppLock for Android

There are so many people across the globe who are feeling that security on Android phones in terms of usability is very low with the default locking system. When there is such a vast Google Play Store there is no need to panic as DoMobile Limited has published an app of the Google Play Store called App Lock that would facilitate many locking options for you.AppLock

App Lock for Android is very easy to use and at the same time it has been designed very neatly in terms of usability. You will be able to understand and move through the app with ease. Since we have taken this utterly useful app under review, we would not like to explain all the features all in one time, but target each one in a point explanation form.

App Lock consists of :

App Lock :

The App Lock section consists of Advanced and General options where you can locking important functions like Install/Uninstall, Settings, Google Play Store and even an incoming call. Other apps can be locked and unlocked in the General sections like Email, Gmail, Album/Photos, Music/Walkman, VLC, Facebook, Twitter, Grocery List-Tomatoes, Farm Story, etc.

Photo Vault :

In Photo Vault, you as a device user and an app user can create a vault of all or some of your private and confidential photos. Once, you have created the vault with photos, you will be able to retrieve them only in the app and will not be able to view them in the default Photo Gallery app of your device.

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Video Vault :

In Video Vault, you as a device user and an app user can create a vault of all or some of your private and confidential videos that you would like to keep to yourself alone. Once, you have created the vault with video/s, you will be able to retrieve them only in the app and will not be able to view them in the default Video Gallery app of your device.

Themes :

The specialty of App Lock for Android is the Themes section wherein you can browse different themes and even download more from the Google Play Store. Upon browsing and liking any one of them, you can set it to the app and it will execute and display when the phone is locked.

Cover :

Here, in the Cover section of the app, you will be able to set a custom cover like None, Fingerprint and even FC. We personally feel that the Fingerprint cover is fantastic and very appealing.

Profiles and Time Lock :

Under the Profiles section, you can create separate profiles with inclusion of timings of activation and deactivation of the app. It is very effective and comes in handy many times. Time Lock is very unique and can be used in collaboration with Profiles to have more security.

Location Lock :

Using your location, the app will activate/deactivate. It is not very effective if you do not have a strong and powerful data connection. Your geo-location will also have to be very precise.

Switch Lock :

Switch Lock is a very unique concept with options to lock your device options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Network Data and even Auto Sync.

Background :

In the Background section, you will find Portrait and Landscape options that are very easy to use and comprehend.

Random Keyboard :

Under Random Keyboard of App Lock, you as an app user can use a numeric keyboard which is randomly arranged to prevent others from peeping to ensure password and total security. It is very useful and is unique at the same time.

DoMobile Limited has put a lot of hours of work into the making of App Lock and hence need a warm pat on their back. In case, you feel that you could make a suggestion of comment about the work of this app, feel free to drop your comment below.

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