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Grocery List – Tomatoes

Looking at the growing use of Android smartphones today, everyone is dependent on them for either looking at the time or saving an appointment to the calendar. Mobile phones have changed the way we look at life and networking. Since, we are in an era of smartphone technology, the phone can be used as your best friend at home, office and even in other places. Have you ever looked at using your Android device to lighten up the household work ?

MeuCarrinho, which is headed by Bruno Branta Lopes says that he has changed the way people deal with making shopping lists in Brazil for the better. MeuCarrinho has launched an international version of their grocery app for users on the Google Play Store for free called Grocery List – Tomatoes. Tomatoes simplifies your grocery trip to ground reality. The app is is designed to make it easier than ever to add items, manage your lists and share them with your family. Grocery List - Tomatoes

We have taken this app for review and have also got to interview the MeuCarrinho Team a few days ago. Tomatoes gives product suggestions as you add items to it. It is very easy to use and more than user friendly to women who would like to create a shopping list for their daughter or their spouse. The search suggestions better up as per the usage of the app and you will no more have to touch the paper and pen to get a proper shopping list ready.

You can add items quickly by the auto-complete feature. Your grocery list is synchronized with your device (smartphone or tablet) so you can just log in and access the list anywhere. You will never forget a single product again as you can share your grocery list with your family. It is all about connecting and helping in the household work with your device so you will not feel bored passing around a paper to complete the shopping list. The best part is that you do not need to be online to use the app whereas you will need a data connection only for synchronizing and sharing your lists. In case you feel you are getting limited access to the app in any way, you can definitely upgrade to the Premium feature that will enable you to create as many lists as you want and stay organized.

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