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Behind the code – MeuCarrinho with Grocery List Tomatoes

(LTR) Danilo Campos, Bruno Branta, Andre Nazareth

When it comes to Android, everyone has their say. Android being open-source has given a chance for people to monetize, learn and even experience what is beneath Android. We have today with us, one astounding team from Brazil which was invested by Naspers called MeuCarrinho. MeuCarrinho was founded by Bruno Branta Lopes in 2011. In Brazil, the company created an app for grocery lists which is used widely in the country with more than 1 million downloads. Apart from just launching the app, it was elected by Google Play Brazil as the best app for grocery lists in 2013. Brunto Branta Lopes does not stop there and MeuCarrinho is now releasing an international version of this app named “Tomatoes”.


AndroGuru : How do you as an Android enthusiast find Android being open source?

Bruno Lopes : I think that the fact of Android being open source has been shown as great virtue of Android. Our first app was released in 2011 and back then the platform was quite different. At that time, most of people would agree that iOS was better for both users and developers. There was better support, better features and the experience was more fluid. But, in the following three years, Android has changed the game. In my opinion, most of the merit is due to the community that was formed around it. There are countless enormously talented people that are making Android better everyday.

AG : What made you start developing Android apps?

BL : The history of our company did not begin on mobile. We started off with a website, more specifically with an online grocery price comparison tool. We were newly graduated from university and after the idea came up, in a few days we had a prototype and a crawler getting prices of online supermarkets. Since the very beginning we have been followers of lean startup ideas (at that time without this label) and we have been always interviewing users and pivoting our prototypes. Soon we found out that our product made much more sense as a mobile app than as a website and that the shopping list should not be a feature, but our core itself. When we reached that problem/solution fit we got invested by Buscape Company from Naspers Group. There we found not only the money we needed to grow our business, but also a passionate group of entrepreneurs and mentors that significantly helped us to accelerate our growth in the following years.

AG : Name five key things you like about Android.


1. I love the continuous evolution of the platform. Each year you can see how new patterns emerge and how that makes difference in the user experience.

2. I think Android is the perfect platform for testing and building a product. From the fast deployment in Google Play to all the analysis you can make for free with Google Analytics, everything walks towards deeper interactions with users and shorter development cycles.

3. Android is a very extensible platform. I love how it is possible to make extensions to the system and how apps can interact with one another.

4. The community around Android is dynamic, helpful and passionate for good design. It is really useful to have all that online resources we can take advantage of. It is also quite easy to meet great developers personally.

5. Android has become a great entrance for startups finding their niches in every part of the world. We as a team love to be part of that!

AG : Certain points which Android app developers should make note of before publishing an Android app on the Play Store.

BL :

  • Keep it simple: Things that are simple are easier to develop, easier to keep in the guidelines and easier for the user to understand. Do that and expect fewer problems after publishing.
  • Publish with less features you think it’s necessary and before you think it’s possible. Take advantage of the short development cycle that is possible to accomplish on Android.
  • Follow the guide. Please, set a side some of those great design ideas and follow the basics. It is safer and your users will learn your app faster.

AG : Secrets to creating a successful app (excluding the chances of luck and others factors).

BL : 

  • Find a problem worth solving. Do not waste your time building something you think is brilliant while not talking to the users. Validate your idea from day one.
  • Deliver fast and often. Make fast cycles of building and measuring the results. Test a lot and make sure about how people perceived your message.

Finally, we’d like to thank the AndroGuru Team for the attention and congratulate for the great content created concerning Android and Mobile.

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